Does the TAPCO Yugo muzzle brake fit on an AK-47?

No, the AK-47 has a thread pitch of 14x1 LH while the SKS has a pitch of 14x1 RH.

Will the TAPCO G2 trigger groups (AK0650) fit in the AK-74?

Yes, both of the groups will fit into the AK-74.

What is the difference between the double and single hook trigger groups?

On a double hook trigger group the trigger has two arms to hold the hammer from releasing until pulled. However some AK receivers do not accept a double hook trigger group. Click here to determine which trigger group fits your receiver.

What is the difference between stamped and milled receivers?

Stamped receivers are bent from a sheet of metal and riveted together. A milled receiver is machined from a solid metal block. Click here to determine your receiver type.

Does the MAK-90 require a different type of pistol grip screw than standard AK-47s?

Yes. The MAK-90 pistol grip screw is shorter than the standard AK-47 pistol grip screw, and they are not interchangeable.

Can a standard jig be used to bend the Yugo underfolder receiver flats?

No, a specific jig will be needed for the Yugo underfolders. Internet forums are a good source for finding information on bending receiver flats.

Will the TAPCO AK-47 furniture also fit the AK-74?

Yes, however like many of the variants of the AK-47, the AK-74 may require some filing of the composite materials to ensure a perfect fit.

Does the TAPCO furniture work on the Yugoslavian M90?

Because of the M90's bolt design, as compared to the standard tang design, TAPCO buttstocks do not fit the rifle. The handguard also tends to vary from the original length, causing TAPCO handguards not to fit. However, TAPCO's pistol grips are compatible.

Does the AK screw build set also work with the AMD-65?

The AK screw build set is interchangeable with both the AMD-65 and AK-47.

What is the easiest way to be completely U.S. Sec 922R compliant?

TAPCO offers many US made parts to make the AK47 compliant. Replacing the existing trigger group with the TAPCO G2 single hook or double hook trigger group is a good place to start. The trigger groups are fairly inexpensive and they count as 3 compliance parts.

If a U.S. made magazine is removed from an AK-47, does the rifle become non-compliant?

No. According to Section 922r, what makes an AK-47 non-compliant is the number of foreign made parts from a specified list of parts. You may not have more than 10 of these restricted foreign parts (Sec 922r). So removing a US made magazine would have no effect on the number of restricted foreign parts. The reason why it could be beneficial to change your foreign magazine with a US made magazine is that using the foreign magazine counts as 3 restricted parts (floorplate, follower, magazine body). So it is the removal of the foreign magazine from your rifle that affects compliance with the law, not the insertion or removal of the US made magazine.

Does the AK high capacity magazine follower (MAG0654) hold the bolt open when the magazine is empty?


How should I clean my AK furniture with a printed pattern such as ACU?

Warm soap and water is recommended to clean the printed finish of all TAPCO products. Extra care should be taken to avoid the contact of harsh chemicals such as DEET (insect repellent), aliphatic hydrocarbons (mineral spirits/paint thinner), kerosene, acetone, turpentine, brake cleaner, bore cleaner, and lubricants like WD-40.

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