Is it necessary to have a gunsmith install the TAPCO T6 stock on the AR-15?

While every person’s capabilities are different, many shooters are able to easily install the TAPCO T6 Stock. Each stock set comes with complete instructions to walk you through the process step by step.

Tips: Due to the number of compressed springs involved in this installation, we recommend that you wear eye protection at all times. During removal of your original stock, ensure that the takedown pin spring and detent (located inside the back of the lower receiver) do not slide out of their holes. Also, when removing the old buffer tube and installing the new T6 model, take care in not allowing the buffer retainer and buffer retaining spring to fall free. When screwing and unscrewing the buffer tube, you should apply thumb pressure over the buffer retainer to ensure that this part is not lost. Prior to fully tightening the locking nut, ensure that the buffer retainer is not locked into place by the buffer tube and that the tube is properly aligned within the lower receiver.

Click here to see a basic diagram for the installation.

How should I clean my AR-15 furniture with a printed pattern such as ACU?

Warm soap and water is recommended to clean the printed finish of all TAPCO products. Extra care should be taken to avoid the contact of harsh chemicals such as DEET (insect repellent), aliphatic hydrocarbons (mineral spirits/paint thinner), kerosene, acetone, turpentine, brake cleaner, bore cleaner, and lubricants like WD-40.

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