What is the length of pull for the Intrafuse 10/22 Rifle System at the different positions?

10.75" (fully collapsed), 11.25", 12", 12.75", 13.5", 14.25" (fully extended).

Does the angled stock tube for iron sights have to be purchased separately or is it included with the Intrafuse 10/22 Rifle System?

The Intrafuse 10/22 Rifle System comes standard with both an angled tube for iron sights and a straight tube for optics.

Does the Intrafuse 10/22 Rifle System fit the Ruger 10/22 with a .920" "Heavy Barrel"

No, the increased circumference of the barrel prevents the rifle from properly seating in the stock body. A new version is now available to accommodate the .920".

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