When installing the handguard that comes with the Intrafuse SKS Rifle System, how is the original handguard pin removed without damaging the original tube?

Frequently there is a degree of difficulty in removing the retaining plate pin at the rear of the gas tube, depending on the model of the rifle. The pin goes through the retaining plate on the handguard. Originally, the pins were pressed in and ground off, then refinished. So in some cases, the pin isn't even visible until scratching the finish with steel wool, for example. This will eventually show a ring that is the outside diameter of the head of the pin. It is necessary to find both ends of the pin since one side is larger than the other. Force must be applied, such as with a pin punch, to the smaller side to extract the pin. Extra care should be given to not dent or damage the retaining plate or gas tube, or else they will be rendered useless and a new gas tube and handguard will have to be installed.

Is it necessary to buy the replacement gas tube with handguard (SKS6632/SKS6601) when upgrading the original furniture to the Intrafuse Rifle System?

No, it is not necessary. As long as the handguard pin is correctly removed without damaging the retaining plate, gas tube, or the pin itself, the original pin and retaining plate can be used to install the TAPCO handguard. However, some users choose to buy this because with their specific SKS, it is too difficult to remove the handguard pin from the original furniture. It’s just a matter of how each rifle was manufactured. With some SKS rifles the pin can be removed without much difficulty and with others it requires extreme care and tedious work. With this replacement gas tube with handguard, there is no need for any tools or careful pin removal, so it is an option for quicker and easier furniture replacement.

Does the Intrafuse SKS Rifle System work with rifles that have been modified to use AK magazines, including the SKS Model D?

The stock system will fit the SKS Model D, as well as the SKS rifles that have been modified to use AK magazines. However, filing may be necessary to relieve a minimal amount of the composite material of the TAPCO stock around the magazine well to ensure a proper fit. Click here to see a picture of the area that needs filing, this is the same area that is required for some SKS wooden stocks.

Does the TAPCO SKS composite magazine work in SKS rifles that have been modified to use AK magazines?

No, the SKS magazine will not fit if the rifle has been permanently modified for AK magazines.

Does the Intrafuse SKS Rifle System fit all variations of the SKS?

The Intrafuse SKS Rifle System fits all variations of the SKS except for the Albanian version. The Albanian SKS has an extended barrel which renders it incompatible with the Intrafuse System.

What is the length of pull for the Intrafuse SKS Rifle System at the different positions?

11.5" (fully collapsed), 12", 12.75", 13.5", 14.5", 15" (fully extended)

Does TAPCO manufacture parts that enable a foregrip to be used on the Intrafuse SKS Rifle System?

TAPCO manufactures an Intrafuse SKS Rifle System with a Lower Rail TAPCO Part #STK66169.

Does the Intrafuse SKS Rifle System fit a Paratrooper model?

Yes. The paratrooper model only has a shorter barrel so the furniture works fine with this model.

Which socket size is used for installing the SAW style pistol grip screw that comes with the Intrafuse SKS Rifle System?

The socket size is 3/8”.

Does the TAPCO SKS 20rd magazine work in all SKS variations?

Yes, the magazine should work in all SKS rifles. However, there are so many variations, filing may be necessary to relieve a minimal amount of the material on the magazine well to ensure a proper fit, click here to see a picture of the area that needs filing. This will most likely be the case with wooden stock bodies, especially the Norinco/Chinese version.

After the last round is fired, do the TAPCO SKS composite magazines maintain the bolt in the open position?

Yes, the bolt will remain open when using TAPCO’s SKS composite magazines.

What is the thread pitch of the TAPCO SKS Yugo muzzle brake?

M14 x 1 RH

Does the SKS already come standard with a magazine catch?

Yes the SKS has a magazine catch but the original is very short and not easy to access. The TAPCO Extended Mag Catch extends the tab which is used to release the magazine from the magazine well, allowing for easier operation.

Which gas tube with handguard do I need, the SKS6632 or the SKS6601?

The SKS6601 is made for the Yugo 59/66, which is the model with the grenade launcher. The SKS6632 is for all other SKS variations. If you’re not sure if you have the Yugo 59/66 or not, click HERE to see a picture.

How should I clean my Intrafuse SKS Rifle System with a printed pattern such as ACU or Mossy Oak?

Warm soap and water is recommended to clean the printed finish of all TAPCO products. Extra care should be taken to avoid the contact of harsh chemicals such as Deet (insect repellent), aliphatic hydrocarbons (mineral spirits/paint thinner), kerosene, acetone, turpentine, brake cleaner, bore cleaner, and lubricants like WD-40.

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